5 Important Things to Know Before Booking Your 3, 4 BHK Flats

February 22, 2022

Your home is the blueprint of your dreams and desires. Every corner, every space reflects your thoughts and personas. This is why you should lay down the concrete groundwork of your home for a promising future. But to build that solid groundwork, you need to do thorough research and planning. Whilst looking for our dream home, we mull over options that we eventually feel confused and lost with the whole process. Whether you are interested in 3, 4 BHK flats in Kolkata, you need to get acquainted with certain outlines. These outlines, therefore, will guide you in the right direction and smoothen the entire home-buying process. Let us explore one by one what they are.


Status of The Project

You will come across these two terms in real estate ads quite often: under-construction and ready-to-move-in. The difference between these two is that the price of an under-construction 2, 3, 4 BHK flat in Kolkata is lower than a ready-to-move-in. The former is also a lucrative investment as you can expect higher returns when you sell it in the future. Therefore, depending upon your budget and move-in date, you can chalk out which meets your requirements.


Lifestyle Choices

Kolkata has different varieties of buyers. Their taste and preferences vary from person to person. Some want to live with their families, so they are inclined towards gated apartments. Some prefer to live by themselves or in a nuclear family, therefore they opt for studio apartments.

In recent years, people are showing proclivity towards a high-end luxurious lifestyle. Due to the increasing purchasing power of buyers, many big builders are offering premium living options. Big names like Salarpuria Group take pride in their eclectic portfolio of luxurious living offerings. Some of the notable ones include Victoria Vistas, Luxuria Heights, Amrana, etc. In conclusion, depending on your choice and again budget, select what suits you the best. 


Emphasis on Natural Light and Ventilation

Natural light and ventilation contribute to low operating and construction costs. Not only that, but it also adds to reduced energy consumption. Make sure that your new home has windows and doors that make enough room for cross-ventilation and sunlight. This results in healthy, comfortable, and secured living conditions.


Readily Available Parking Spaces at 3/4 BHK Flats in Kolkata

Usually, there are two kinds of parking lots: open and covered. The apartments that boast of higher built-up areas have covered parking spaces. But overall, your choice of parking space depends on your convenience and suitability. Because, in the end, you want your car safe and protected from damage, heat, rain, and other environmental causes.


Penchant for Open Spaces

Today, thanks to rapid modernization and technological advancements, people have become glued to their screens. More than outside, they prefer to spend time indoors in front of glaring screens. This has led to many losing their connection with greenery and nature. As a result of which, it is also causing sedentary habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Adding to this problem further, you will find that many housing projects in Kolkata do not offer open spaces within their premises. This is harmful, especially for kids and young adults who are in constant need of exercise and proactivity.

All these reasons have compounded the urgent requirement of open spaces. And subsequently, many housing projects, especially the premium ones, have taken this into account. They are building their homes around green spaces or are integrating artificial parks into their premises. Moreover, they are also adding outdoor amenities that impart a positive impact on the physical and mental health of the residents.

In conclusion, these five parameters just prove to be a basic structural framework of your home-buying journey. Other than what is mentioned above, there are other factors like location, conveniences, conveyance, price, etc. that determine the worth of your dream home.

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