Decoding 'Agreement to Sell' for Kolkata Residential Projects

June 14, 2024


Discover essential insights into the Agreement to Sell (ATS) when purchasing your dream home in Kolkata. From understanding its legal implications to ensuring transparency in property transactions, delve into why reading the fine print of the ATS is crucial.


What is Meant by an Agreement To Sell?

An Agreement to Sell (ATS) is a legal term that outlines terms and conditions between buyer and seller. It is essential for any impending disputes, whether you are investing in a luxury residential project or a villa. It will provide a clear understanding of each party's duties and expectations. 

This contains information about the property's selling price, the terms of payment, the possession date, and other things. 


Why is it Important to Understand the ATS?

The Agreement to Sell prevents any disputes when you are planning to buy a home like Salarpuria’s Victoria Vistas. This protects you and the developer and provides a clear definition of the final print. By reading it you can ensure a smooth transaction on your home-buying journey. Here are a few reasons why you should give it a thorough read:


  • Property’s Costs

When you choose to buy Salapruria's Victoria Vistas, the ATS will specifically give you the total cost breakdown. It also includes details of the payment schedule, the down payment amount, and the mode of payment. You can effectively manage your finances with this transparency. 


  • Possession Time

The agreement papers clearly state the expected date by which you can take possession of the property. This timeline lets you plan the move-in date of your ideal house.


  • Details of the Project 

This will give you the complete details of the projects. For example, the seller has promised quality materials, a spacious floor plan, and a carpet area. This ensures you will get a flat as per agreed-upon standards. 


Is the Agreement to Sell a Valid Paper? 

It is crucial to realise that this is a legal record created to shield the seller and buyer from potential legal issues. Whether you want to buy a Meraki villa in Joka or an apartment in Kolkata, this is always executed before purchase. This lets you discuss terms or prices with the developer before the sale. You must pay the agreed-upon amount and they must transfer ownership once this is signed.


What are The Benefits of an Agreement To Sell?

An appropriate ATS aids in safeguarding both the developer and the customer. It provides clarity to buyers and developers to ensure a smooth transaction without delay or cancellation. 


  • Safeguard to Sellers and Buyers

This lays out the specific requirements that must be fulfilled before ownership of a luxury villa in Kolkata can be transferred. This also ensures a seamless experience without any potential conflicts. 


  • Keeping the Rights of The Owner

The seller may keep ownership of the goods if the terms of the agreement are not met. Under some circumstances, they may retain control of the goods until all contractually stipulated obligations have been fulfilled.


  • Chances of Higher Valuation

A higher valuation for the seller's property could be obtained through discussion or negotiation. They could possibly get a chance to prove the assets' worth. Thus, helping to raise the selling price.


What is The Difference Between a Sale and an Agreement to Sell?

Both are essential when it comes to shifting ownership. Even though these are connected in this instance, some significant differences are still evident. 


  • Lawful Standing  

A sale is the result of a full transaction and ownership transfer. However, ATS is a pledge to transfer ownership at a later time. 


  • Registration

A sale must be registered and stamp duty must be paid to make it valid. An agreement to sell does not require any registration. But sometimes you have to pay the stamp duty according to state law. 


  • Transferring possession

Completing sales deeds results in the instantaneous transfer of possession in a sale. In an ATS, buyers take control after the seller meets specific requirements.


Salarpuria Group: Committed to Transparency  

At Salarpuria Group, we understand the importance of transparency at every step. Our projects like Victoria Vistas in Bhawanipur and Meraki in Joka ensure a flawless purchasing experience. Our team is available to assist you at all times throughout this process.




Q. Is it mandatory to register a sale agreement in West Bengal?

Ans: In West Bengal, it is mandatory to register a sale agreement under the Registration Act 1908. There can be several legal repercussions for anyone who neglects to register the agreement. 


Q. What do luxury villas mean?

Ans: A luxury villa is an upscale private home with large living areas and luxurious amenities. It is often located in sought-after areas and provides exceptional comfort and exclusivity.