Home Loan Offers While Buying a Luxury Apartment in Kolkata

September 14, 2022

Various banks provide home loans with varying loan amounts, rates of interest, and repayment tenure. So as per your choice, compare the home loan prices by different banks and select what works best for you. 

So, you can apply for banks that offer higher loan amounts, less interest, and minimal documentation. Keep reading to find out more about this. 

Best Home Loans While Going for the Best Luxury Apartments in Kolkata.


1. Home Loan by SBI:

The State Bank of India offers loans for luxury residential projects in Kolkata with lower interest rates and a smooth application process with a minimum amount of documentation. So, you can enjoy a lower interest rate if you have a clean financial background. 

Some key advantages are:
You can repay your loan within 30 years.
The age limit is between 18-70 years.
There is some concession for women applicants.
An overdraft facility is provided, which is the most desired credit option. 

2. Home Loan by the Bank of Baroda: 

Bank of Baroda comes with attractive loans with a low rate of EMI. So, you can easily repay your loan, keeping in mind all your other expenses. 

Some key advantages are:
Loan payment within 30 years.
The age limit is between 21-70 years.
The moratorium period (a period of time where the homeowners do not pay any home loan EMI payments ) is of 3 years. 
Accidental insurance helps you during an emergency.
Enjoy a free credit card.
No extra charges when the loan is fully paid. 

3. Home Loan by ICICI Bank:

ICICI Bank has home loans which are preferable to have high loan sanctions with reasonable interest rates. 

Some key advantages are:
Repayment within 30 years.
Who does not like cashback? Right! So, enjoy a cashback on your EMIs.
Get digital approval on home loans.

4. Home Loan by HDFC Bank: 

Enjoy home loans by HDFC Bank with budget-friendly interest rates.

Some key advantages are:

You can repay your loan within a time period of 30 years.
Age criteria- 21 to 65 years.  
It gives overall full-time assistance.
You can have a taste of the customised repayment options.

5. Home loan by Union Bank of India:

Provide the bank with all the necessary documents and simply go for a home loan without facing any difficulties. 

Some key advantages are:

If you need a loan for construction purposes, the loan repayment time is 30 years.
If the loan is for the renovation of your home, then it is 15 years from now. 
The age limit for grabbing the loan is 18-75 years. 
The moratorium period for construction purposes is 36 months.
The moratorium period for renovation purposes is 12 months. 

When you are planning to buy flats in South Kolkata, choose financial help from reputed banks and go for the best builders in Kolkata. You will save on your monthly interest rates, EMIs and tax rates. So, choose the suitable bank that meets your requirements and is within your budget. Now you can opt for luxury residential projects in Kolkata from the best real estate developers in India, like the Salarpuria Group. So, what’s the wait? Start searching for your dream flat and enjoy the advantages of taking a home loan.