How Meraki Villa in Kolkata Provides the Finest Experience

March 11, 2023

Buying your own home is one of the biggest decisions of your life, and it also needs investing a significant portion of your life savings. Real estate has seen its share of ups and downs, especially in the period hit by the pandemic. But now that things have normalised, people are keen to invest in real estate, land, villas, apartments or flats. 

But, be wise and go for a trusted builder in Kolkata for buying your dream villa because quality construction is paramount when it comes to securing you along with your family. So, talking about villas, you will come across a few. But going for the best one is more reliable. Often, the confined budget leads to the purchase of apartments or flats. 


What if buying a villa comes at the same price as going for an apartment or flat? Sounds Interesting! Right?

Villas by Meraki is the first exclusive villa in East India, built by the Salarpuria Group, one of the reputed Indian real estate developers. We offer villas with state-of-the-art facilities, away from the hustle and bustle of city lights, yet close to Joka metro station with a price that matches that of a flat or an apartment.  


Perks of Investing in a Villa in Kolkata-  

Here we are going to explain the reasons behind prioritising investing in a villa project in Kolkata.


Upliftment in Comfort:  

When you move from an apartment or flat to a villa, you are going for the next level of living. 
An upgraded lifestyle boosts self-confidence provides an extraordinary experience for your family and gives you a private space to claim as your own.

Make your life more refreshing and comfortable than it was ever with villas by Meraki,  which serves a soulful life to ones, who seek luxury and comfort at its best. 


A Futuristic Investment: 

Villa projects in Kolkata are confined in number as compared to other types of property development. This is a reason why there is a demand for luxury villas in Kolkata. An opulent villa in a prime location has a high-value escalation than an apartment or flat. 


Do villas have resale value?

Research shows that there is an increase in the value of villas recorded in the past. Such significant price increases give customers the option to resell if they want to make a profit in the near future. Thus, paving the way to a fruitful futuristic investment. 


Classy Neighbourhood:

You can live an elitist life in a class-apart society, and being a part of a passionate community gives us a sense of belonging. We can share personal connections and support the continued growth of each other, ourselves and the environment.


Top-Notch Security: 

CCTV cameras installed in key areas and 24/7 security ensure you and your family are in a safe and secure environment. You can rest assured that your family will be safe while you are away. 


Opulence Amidst Greenery: 

The villa projects in Kolkata take place in a closed enclosure that has paramount privacy surrounded by greenery. The open spaces give a plethora of freshness to your lives, preparing you for the next day. 


Your Own Private Haven- 

Investing in a villa offers multiple benefits, but the final decision is completely yours. Look into a life amidst the ordinary, where you can relax, recharge, and renew. Elevate your getaway to a private villa experience with Meraki.