Own 3 BHK Flats in Tangra, Kolkata with Luxuria Heights

October 22, 2021

When you think of Tangra, you visualize the old-school Calcutta, the famous Chinatown, the diverse cultures, etc. Even though Tangra is nestled in its glorious heritage, it is warming up to new opportunities and possibilities. Especially its real estate sector. Today, when you visit the place, you will see an array of real estate projects lined up across the stretch. This is because Tangra is in the race to become the next big real estate destination in East Kolkata.

Sharing proximity to IT hubs and housing major shopping malls, educational institutions, restaurants, etc. it is slowly catching the attention of big builders and potential homebuyers. You will find flats in Tangra that cater exclusively towards modern living. But only a few can raise this bar high. One of them is Luxuria Heights, an ongoing premium real estate project by Salarpuria Group, located across Southern EM Bypass.

An 18 storey architectural splendor spread across 150000 sq feet, Luxuria Heights gives shape to your dreams and aspirations for a coveted living experience. Situated at the junction of Christopher Road and Topsia, this housing complex is a gateway towards unparalleled comfort and security. In the quest for a fulfilling and wholesome life, its 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats in Kolkata assure a great sense of peace and personal gratification.

Let us explore further why Luxuria Heights is a perfect catch to prospective homebuyers, specifically for those seeking a combination of affordability and luxury.


Amenities for Life Beyond the Ordinary

Investing in Luxuria Heights is investing in your contentment and peace of mind. When you live in its 3/4 BHK flat, your happiness will take center stage as you are introduced to a plethora of unique amenities. These amenities ensure a complete and well-rounded lifestyle. Therefore, you will never run out of opportunities to relax your senses and beat the blues.

Boosting both your mental and physical health, here is a list of amenities you will find in Luxuria Heights

  • Landscaped area
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • An all-purpose community hall
  • Virtual golf room
  • Barbecue Area


Enjoy the Privilege of an Unmatched Location

In Tangra, you are bestowed with the luxury of witnessing the blend of heritage and contemporary. Every street corner is replete with tradition, the strong aroma of Chinese authentic cuisines, quaint shops, etc. 

Despite its old-city charm, the place qualifies as one of the busy and dynamic localities in East Kolkata. It boasts of robust transportation and conveyance. With Sealdah Station, one of the largest railway stations present in its vicinity, you will save time and money on your daily commute.

Since these 3/ 4 BHK flats are positioned in the heart of East Kolkata, homebuyers will enjoy a big locational advantage. Whether it is for your health, well-being, entertainment, or educational needs, you do not have to travel an extra mile to the city to access your conveniences.

  • ITC Sonar Bangla: 2.5km
  • JW Marriott Hotel: 2.8km
  • Fortis Hospital: 5km
  • Don Bosco School, Park Circus: 3.5km
  • Quest Mall: 4.2km

Summing the above, Luxuria Heights proves to be worth every dime of your future investment. Resplendent with opulence and grandeur, these flats in Tangra raise the standards of luxury living.