Safety Features to Consider in a High-Rise Flat in Kolkata

November 07, 2022

Everyone wants a kingsized life amidst ordinary living with all modern day 21st century facilities. An ideal secure building can withstand gravity loads and the unfortunate actions of earthquakes, fire, wind and other natural calamities without turning your beautiful heaven into pieces. 

Our discussion has focused on some of the major security issues you need to be aware of when looking for a high-rise apartment in Kolkata. Let’s get started: 


The Building Material:

The construction of the high-rise flats must be with materials that are not easily inflammable and have high fire-resistance capacity. To ensure proper security, the floors and masonry of the building must have fire-resistive coatings, just like the best residential complex in Kolkata by the Salarpuria Group have in their floors. 


Protective Equipment at Hand: 

Safety measures like automatic extinguishing equipment, automatic sprinkler, fire detector equipment, fire alarms and smoke detectors etc are the basic requirements for any high-rise apartment in Kolkata like the Salarpuria Group, the best real estate developer in Kolkata. 

Emergency Exits: 

Making a plan beforehand is of no harm, that saves you during an actual emergency. The availability of emergency exits on every floor is a must-have. 


Practicing of Safety Procedures: 

Arrangements for teaching how to react in an emergency in a high rise flat in Kolkata are a plus point. As mishaps don't occur knocking on your door, these safety practices prepare you beforehand. 


Fire Alarms:

During a fire emergency situation, make sure that the fire alarm works immediately. There should be dummy sessions creating fake scenarios so that it helps during an actual incident. The best residential complexes in Kolkata makes sure of keeping all the safety standards in check. 


Be Smart and take the Stairs: 

In case of any fire emergency, be wise and take the stairs. As the elevators can go dysfunctional anytime, putting you in more trouble. 


Arrange a meeting with the Management: 

Make arrangements for a meeting with your building manager responsible for maintaining the safety standards. This is helpful as all the residents residing there will get all the information regarding the safety standards that they may be unaware of. 

As you know that during unwanted mishaps, people usually get puzzled about what to do and end up taking the wrong step. Having knowledge of all the safety equipment and procedures can help save a precious life. 

Safety always comes first wherever the place is. So before, opting for a high-rise flat in South Kolkata, check properly the rules and regulations along with the safety features they are offering. 


Salarpuria Group- One of the Top Indian real estate developers:

Salarpuria group, is equipped with all the safety measures for the overall protection of its residents being one of the best real estate developers in Kolkata, India. 
Our awards speaks a lot about our achievements delivering a seamless experience to the lovable customers adding luxury to their life. 

Salarpuria Group has a big family and the members of the family are kept with utmost care having all the classy amenities, hassle-free communication, a green environment along with following all the safety standards.