Some Striking Features Of An Ideal 3 BHK Flat in Kolkata

October 21, 2022

Deciding to buy a flat is a great investment. So, you must go for the right one as it’s a big decision to make. Choose the right house according to your family size and requirement. 

Let me put some light on the features of an ideal 3 BHK flat in Kolkata. Keep engaging to know more.  


Live Comfortably With Your Family: 

A family consists of people from every age group. So, an apartment should cater to the needs of every family member living together. The best luxury apartments in Kolkata have provisions for both older people and kids. There is an open field area where older people can walk, sit and talk about politics. 

For the kids, there is provision for a kid’s play area where the kids can involve in outdoor activities that is beneficial for their physical and mental well-being. 


Spacious Rooms:

There is room for everyone in a 3BHK flat. Our home is an abode of heaven for us that should have a relaxing and soothing vibe. The family members have separate rooms where they can live on their own. 

There is provision for guest houses at the best luxury apartment in Kolkata, where the guests can have a welcoming environment equipped with all the modern facilities for upgraded living. Give your guests the taste of an unforgettable visit, standing out from the others. 


Privacy is Most Needed: 

A 3BHK room gives you an ample amount of privacy. As the name goes, it comes with three rooms. A 3BHK flat has separate bedrooms for every family member, which secures your privacy and a comfortable lifestyle. 

But apart from that, luxury residential projects in Kolkata have enough space giving a perfect balance between privacy and communal line. So, you can maintain your own privacy while respecting the privacy of your elders. The kids can also have their own privacy while growing up in their own small environment, making childhood memories. 


Have a Futuristic View: 

A flat should be brought, keeping future needs in mind. This investment is a futuristic investment. So, it should be taken, considering all the upgradation going on. It's not like you can switch it anytime. 

Do not regret not having a spacious flat and lacking ample amount of space for your growing family later.  


Expensive Common Areas:

The whole residential area of a 3BHK flat has to offer many modern-day living facilities required for a lavish lifestyle. 

Some of the amenities of the Salarpuria Group are:

Landscaped Deck Area
Swimming pool
Virtual Golf Area
Multipurpose Community Hall
Barbecue Area


Smart Living: 

In a modern lifestyle, everyone wants a smart home having a lot of space so that there are smart installations of appliances. It makes your home look more aesthetic and appealing to the eyes. There can be a modular kitchen in the kitchen area, a classy bar in the living room area, and provision for a hanging swing chair in the balcony area. 

Just imagine: Having a swing on the balcony area, sipping a cup of coffee. 

That dream looks amazing, Right?

Salarpuria Group has exceptional luxury residential projects in Kolkata, making it unique from the rest of the builders. We are here to fulfill all your desires of having a luxurious 3BHK flat having all the modern infrastructure needed for 21st-century living. 

Your one-stop destination for a most needed lifestyle and comfort!