Spacious & Stylish: Home Decor Ideas for a 3 BHK Flat in Kolkata

August 10, 2021

A home is a reflection of who you are. Every corner of your humble abode evokes the deepest emotions and speaks your own story.

A large-sized 3 BHK flat in Kolkata is not just about spaces, but it's what you make out of those spaces. An overall balance of space and design not only defines your aesthetics but also keeps them uncluttered.

Keeping it classy, modest and sophisticated is the way to achieve this balance. There are innovative ideas to embrace elegance and panache into your 3 BHK home. And the good news is you do not have to spend much on the implementation of these ideas. 

Here are some creative ideas on making your home stylish. Read on


Prefer Quality to Quantity

It's always about less is more. Minimalism is not just a design trend, but is also a lifestyle trend. It is about keeping things simple, yet effective; modest, yet charming. Place a few items that exude timeless appeal. Make quality and durability your choices when it comes to investing in decor, furniture, accessories, lighting etc. For example, in a 3 BHK flat in Kolkata, choose a couch that occupies living spaces in a way that ensures free flow of movement. Pair it up with chairs and shelves to make the room less clutter-free. 


Make Use of the Understated Tones 

Colours play an important role in reflecting your mood and personality. They do not have to be too gaudy, loud or extra to make a statement. Tone it up with natural and earthy shades of brown, grey-wood, etc. to add a high-end finish to the rooms. You can even go for darker tones as they can be soothing and charming. A slick combination of cool lights and mirror work can elevate the style and aesthetics of the interiors. If you want a lively, cosy look, then pair it up with bright couches, pillows, curtains, etc.


Choose a 3 BHK Flat in Kolkata with Maximum Natural Light

You can enhance the lighting of your rooms with a collection of artificial lights. But natural light will alwa ys hold prominence. When you buy a 3 BHK home in Kolkata, make sure that the home allows sufficient entry of natural light and air into the rooms. Sunlight tends to add a calm and meditative vibe to the room.  


Add Books and Plants 

When you design your 3 BHK home in Kolkata, you can add potted or artificial plants to make your spaces look effortless and charming. Adding a certain depth to your room, you can place these plants in any part of the room. Bookshelves are about creativity and innovation. The design of the bookshelf can range from basic to contemporary. You can also place these shelves in any corner of the room, provided they do not look very cluttered.


Opt for an Eco-Friendly Interior

Kick out plastics from our homes. Let’s make our homes, plastic-free zones. Go for natural elements like wood, marbles, etc. You can even choose metals like steel, copper, brass, etc. to upkeep your interiors. An eco-friendly setup can make your house cosy and comfortable. On top of that, you feel assured that you are contributing positively to the environment and society. Luckily, you will find 3 BHK apartments in Kolkata that are surrounded by nature, which infuses sustainability into your daily living. 


Hopefully, these 5 easy to do steps can help you in decorating your home, after all it is a part of your identity. A perfect concoction of designs, aesthetics, textures and spaces can truly bring out the essence of your future home. Using different elements to maintain functionality and utility can help your home give shape to your dreams.  

Till then, happy living and happy designing.