Tips to Choose Best Builders in Kolkata to Book Dream Flat

March 25, 2022

Let's say there is a newly married couple and they are moving onto the next chapter of your life: buying a new house. They meet several housing developers in the process. They found some genuine, and some shady. But in the end, they don’t know which one to trust. This is a problem that many new homebuyers face whilst buying their new home. To know how to go for the best builders in Kolkata, you need to be acquainted with certain key takeaways. These will not only guide you with the buying process but will also lead to the right housing developer.


Credibility of the Builder 

Every now and then you will find ads or posters about some real estate developer. But the ones that you should actually go should enjoy a high degree of experience and authenticity in the real estate sector. 

While searching for a builder, look for how long they have been dominant in the market and their portfolio. Most importantly, find the list of their completed projects and ongoing projects and how many homebuyers have they covered so far. Such details will help you in locking the best builder in Kolkata.


Genuine Website for Indian Real Estate Developer

It's not common to hear a real estate scam these days. There are several real estate websites which have come across as fake and dubious. 

Authentic Indian real estate developers will consist of appropriate and quality content with all timely information and news. The website will be built-in with their initial and latest projects with customer reviews, well-optimized search pages, and an enquiry form. For example, if you look for the best builders in Kolkata, you will get a list of those builders in the city.


Word of Mouth

Today, there are Indian real estate developers who have earned a stellar reputation because of its customers. A reliable builder will boast of happy and successful homebuyers with their quality of service and projects. This is why it is important to read customer testimonials and reviews. A reliable builder also will not show hesitation to take potential homebuyers on a site visit and equip them with information like the quality of construction materials used, time schedules, post-occupation services, etc.


Suits Your Requirements

Every Indian real estate developer specialises in specific kinds of housing. For instance, you will find a housing group who only offers affordable housing. Some only deal with row house villas and some with only invitation apartments. It's best to make a list of your needs and budgetary requirements so that you can search for those developers who fit into your set of expectations.


Licensing and Accreditation

West Bengal is the latest state to introduce RERA authorisation for real estate projects. So it's important for you to check whether the builder you are going for has its housing projects authorised and sanctioned by RERA. Furthermore, once you choose an apartment, make sure that the legal contract or the tripartite agreement between you and the builder is carried out in front of a lawyer or any legal authority with a very coherent mention of the terms and conditions. 

These 5 tips are some primary pointers you should consider while looking forward to a new builder. Kolkata has a dearth of builders. Some well-known ones are responsible for transforming the entire skyline of the city with really creative projects. One of them is the Salarpuria Group. A real estate magnate spanning across West Bengal and Eastern India for more than 35 years, the group earned a robust presence in these regions with dynamic and innovative projects. Specialising in both affordable and luxury housing segments, each housing project caters to specific needs and wants. To know more about this esteemed builder, visit the Salarpuria website.