Top Vastu Tips for Your Salarpuria Group Apartment in Kolkata

July 07, 2024

Vastu means earth and Shastra means science. Vastu Shastra is an ancient term that focuses on the effect of nature on humans. By understanding vastu, you get the complete direction, geography, topography and environment. Vastu defines the five elements of pancha tatva such as air, fire, water, earth and space. Experts say the perfect balance between these elements is known to enhance peace, prosperity, health, wealth and success. 

When it comes to your apartment in Kolkata, this aspect cannot be missed. Homeowners prefer vastu-compliant homes as it add positive energy to the surroundings. 


Who Doesn’t Need Positive Outcomes In Life? Right!

Top real estate developers in Kolkata like Salarpuria Group are focussing more on building vastu-integrated homes that help bring all the positive energy back home. Directions play an important part in nature and are governed by varied deities in Hindu mythology that regulate various aspects of our lives. 


Vastu Tips for Home that Bring in Positivity & Prosperity



The ideal position for the main door is North and East. It is believed to be an auspicious direction both naturally and scientifically as the earth rotates from east to west. 



This is the place where we take a rest and prepare ourselves for the next day.  Therefore, an important aspect to consider.

So, if you are wondering about What are the Vastu tips for bedroom placement?

We are here with all the answers 

It is recommended to have your bedroom in the South-West direction that helps bring in calmness and comfort. 



This is the place where all your meals are prepared and your health also deeps on the kind of food taken. 


What Is The Best Placement For The Kitchen In A Flat?

The southwest corner of the flat is best for the kitchen in your apartment in Kolkata. Also, it is recommended to face the East side while cooking your meals. 


Puja Room 

A puja room holds a sacred place in our homes, serving as a space for worship, meditation, and spiritual reflection. By offering a quiet retreat for spiritual practices, the puja room plays a crucial role in nurturing the spiritual well-being and cultural traditions of a household.


What Are The Vastu Guidelines For A Puja Room?

The puja room finds its best spot in the East and North-East directions. You can try out colours like white, yellow, and beige. It brings to your puja room a peaceful and serene atmosphere. It is important to position god idols and photos to a certain height. God should not be placed in a lower position.


Addition Of Plants 

Plants in a home are a huge addition to lifting your mood and lower levels of stress. A balcony is recommended to be on the eastern side of the flat. Plants placed in the East direction increase social circle and in the North direction improve work and job possibilities.


Colours Of A Room

Turn your luxury apartment in Kolkata into a prosperous and peaceful spot to reside, make sure vastu shastra is in place when selecting colours for your rooms. Moreover, colours have the power to elevate your mood and overall well-being. The walls of a bedroom should be coloured in light shades like light pink, light blue, and pastel green. 




Which Direction Is Best For A Flat As Per Vastu?

According to vastu shastra, a flat should face in the South direction. This direction welcomes natural light all day. South-facing apartment increases the light Index during the winter season when there is less light and during summer months offer more access to sunlight.


Are There Any Vastu Guidelines For Bathroom Placement?

The proper direction for a bathroom is the North-West or South-East side of your apartment. It is believed that this welcomes positive energy and harmony to flow into your spaces.