Vastu Tips to Consider While Buying Luxury Flats in Kolkata

August 25, 2022

If you want a spacious house with a lot of greenery inside, you must choose the right location for your dream luxury flat in Kolkata. For this, it is necessary to consider the directions of sunrise or sunset. 

Because of our fast-paced lives, homebuyers are shifting to ready-made flats. To ensure good health, wealth, mental and emotional well-being of all family members, they must design a balanced environment that includes five key elements: fire, water, air, earth, and space. The top developers in Kolkata are focussing more on the Vastu shastra guidelines. And the apartments are constructed by following the Vastu Shastra norms.  


Vastu Shastra for Living Room-

Bright and open spaces attract positive energy, so do not keep the place outside your house dark. Place your living room in the north, east, or northeast corner of the room where most of your activities take place. Family reunions, social gatherings, and first impressions are important factors in creating a good atmosphere in a living room.

According to Vastu, if a living room is part of your home design, it should be clutter-free, impressive, and have colour and light. The position of a living room in your luxury apartment in South Kolkata depends on the direction of the house and space arrangement. Place your mirrors on a northern wall. 


Vastu Shastra for Kitchen-

Vastu Shastra says that kitchens should be in the southeast direction of homes. Avoid placing your kitchen in North, East, or Northeast directions. Also, do not place your stove near the water faucet. Make sure that the kitchen faces away from the washroom.

For your kitchen, it is best to position the gas burner in the East, South, West, and Northwest directions of your flat. You should also face east or south while cooking. 


Vastu Shastra for Bedroom-

Make sure that your bedroom is in the Southwest direction. You should choose earthy colours for your bedroom as they radiate positive energy. The top developers in Kolkata have designed bedrooms with Vastu principles, bringing you peace and happiness. Never sleep in the North direction. Keep a TV or mirror away from your bed.


Vastu Shastra for Puja Room-

For spiritual pursuits, a pooja room in your home's East or Northeast zone is excellent. Colours like white, yellow, and beige provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The preferable position of this room is in the Northeast zone. It's crucial to place statues or photos of gods above shoulder height.  So, they're not too low or too high.

The Southeast corner of your luxury flat in Kolkata is auspicious. So, don't use any red-colored cloth in this area. Only white marble materials should be in the puja room as it is very peaceful. 


Vastu Shastra for the Colours of the Room-

To ensure that your luxury apartment in South Kolkata is a prosperous, peaceful place to live, consider the basics of Vastu Shastra when choosing colours for the rooms. The bedroom walls should be painted in shades of pink, light blue, and light green.

Salarpuria is one of the trusted real estate builders in Kolkata. It has changed the life of many homeowners, offering them apartments in South Kolkata, which follows the Vastu guidelines. It is necessary for the overall growth and prosperity of homeowners. So, grab your dream home in South Kolkata that offers you with all the modern facilities ensuring proper vastu shastra.