Villa Vs. Apartment: Choose Your Dream Home in Kolkata

May 10, 2024

Kolkata has an array of real estate choices to fit every taste and price range. A major conflict will arise when you set out to choose your ideal home in this vibrant city. The conflict revolves around villa vs. apartment, which would be your perfect house. Ultimately, it boils down to two choices: an expansive area or a convenient space for your tranquil existence. 

It may be intimidating for first-time homebuyers. However, you should be aware that villas and apartments have advantages and disadvantages before choosing.

Let’s focus on which factors to consider when seeking your dream house. 


Villa vs. Apartment: What to Choose

Meraki Lakeside Pool Villas, by the Salarpuria Group, carefully creates luxury villas in Kolkata. It provides a posh and peaceful way of life. 

On the other hand, the affordability of apartments makes them a popular option for many people in Kolkata. The majority of flats are built for nuclear families. Victoria Vistas by the Salarpuria Group offers cosy apartments with modern amenities to enhance your quality of life. Before making any flat or villa reservations, take this into account:


Pros and Cons of Villas 


  • Spacious and Private

 The villa provides the utmost in seclusion and space luxury. Large living spaces, multiple bedrooms, and a front and back lawn allow residents to live a private and tranquil life. Meraki Lakeside pool villas offer a spacious living area and an exquisite outdoor space. The luxury of spacious space encourages residents to participate in indoor or outdoor activities. 

  • Amenities 

Mekari luxury villas in Kolkata are filled with exclusive amenities. The meticulous design of these villas is intended to meet all your needs. Residents can take advantage of all these facilities, which include a clubhouse, cricket ground, swimming pool, and green lawn. 

  • Security and Safety 

Mekari Villas places the highest priority on safety and security. CCTV surveillance and 24x7 security offer unparalleled peace of mind. You can protect your family and your valuables by imposing restrictions on access.

  • Unmatch Freedom  

Merkai gives you the maximum flexibility to customise your living area. Villas compared to apartments, provide you the freedom to furnish your house to suit your tastes and style.



  • High Maintenance 

Exclusive amenities come with higher maintenance costs. However, maintenance is crucial for these facilities. Maintaining the swimming pool, outdoor garden, and gym can be time-consuming. 

  • High Expenses 

The villas cost more because of its unmatched amenities and superior maintenance fees. Investors should consider higher costs based on the property type. 

  • Location and Accessibility 

Villas are generally constructed in suburban areas. It takes longer to get there because it is farther out from the city.

But the Mekari Luxury Villas by the Salarpuria Group are in proximity to the main roads of Joka. This strategic location gives residents unparalleled accessibility. 


Pros  and Cons Of Apartments


  • Affordability 

Victoria Vistas by Salarpuria Group offers a range of budget-friendly flats with exclusive features to cater to your requirements. Whether you are seeking an affordable flat, this is an ideal option to invest.

  • Unmatched Connectivity

The strategic location of this housing complex in South Kolkata is close to daily life essentials. Schools, hospitals, shopping centres, malls, and cinemas are located close to this complex. 

  • Contemporary Amenities and Low Maintenance 

Apartments in Victoria Vistas offer a plethora of contemporary amenities that enhance your living experience. A community hall, a swimming pool, a terrace garden with a barbeque area, and a state-of-the-art gymnasium are all located inside the safe boundaries of your home. 

On the other hand, living in apartments often translates to lower maintenance costs. Common areas such as gardens, hallways, and security are managed systematically. This keeps residents free from these responsibilities. 

  • Community to Cherish 

Apartments in Kolkata are a great substitute, especially for people who yearn for a busy and social lifestyle. These apartment buildings provide a lively sense of community.



  • Limited space 

Apartments often offer limited space compared to villas. As a result, there is less room for holding parties or engaging in some indoor activities. It seems like a perfect match for small families but not a good idea for large families. 

  • Privacy 

Sometimes it is tough to keep everything in the apartments because of shared walls. That’s why privacy can be compromised in apartment living.


Villa vs. Apartments: Choose Based on Your Lifestyle 

The decision between an apartment and a villa is always based on your desired lifestyle and budget. If you want the utmost privacy and the freedom to customise your space, a villa can be the best option. However, apartments are the best option if you want the convenience of shared amenities and the lively feeling of a community. 

Furthermore, Victoria Vistas by Salarpuria Group is ideal for you if you want a low-maintenance lifestyle and do not want any additional responsibilities.


Create Your Dream Home With Salarpuria Group

Salarpuria Group as one of India's top real estate developers offers an array of residential projects to suit different lifestyles. You can explore our luxurious villa projects, like Meraki lakeside pool villas, according to your priorities. On the other hand, the Victoria Vistas, a housing complex in South Kolkata is built to fulfil your housing dream if you are looking for an affordable apartment. 

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