Why Buy an Affordable Flat in Kolkata During Festive Time

October 10, 2022

Whether to Buy or Renovate This Diwali - A Major Concern


You may feel that renovating is a good option, but in the long run, buying a real estate property will be a smart choice. Let’s have a quick discussion and decide according to your preference.

Renovating a house means giving it a new look and feel by redecorating and repainting the old one. The cost of renovation is high and will cost you approximately 10 Lakhs. And, if going for an interior design is on your mind, it will cost you a lot. Nowadays, having interior designs in modern homes is a trend, and there is a high demand for interior designers. That points out the fact that they will charge you a lot. 

Due to the decreased repo rate, there is a high demand for home loans. Save yourself from these extra costs. If you are going for investment, invest your money in buying a new flat, not pouring your money into renovating your old house. There are many financial benefits to buying a new property rather than renovating the same house.

Buying a new property assures rewarding benefits as the market value of a property increases with time. Every year your property gets a price increment value of at least 8-10%. On the other hand, renovating a property may look very appealing to the eyes, but you will gain no profit from it. 


Buy or Rent- Make a Wise Decision:

It is peaceful to sleep in your shed rather than in a rented house. Why waste your money on monthly rent rates? That's right! You can simply buy your own nest of happiness, live comfortably there, or rent it out and enjoy the increasing rates of house rent. Having a house of your own signifies stability, and staying in a rented house keeps you moving to places.


Let me give you a trick

Go for a flat under the loan amount and there will be a deduction in your yearly tax amount. If you are a first-time home buyer, you can opt for “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana”, where you can enjoy discounts of 1 Lakh to 3 Lakh based on your real estate property and the loan amount. 


Why Go for the Salarpuria Group This Diwali?

  • Salarpuria Group is one of the well-known real estate developers in Kolkata. It has changed the lives of many home aspirants. The affordable flats in Kolkata offer classy modern facilities perfectly suited for 21st-century living.
  • The affordable flats in Kolkata have a nature-friendly environment that is relaxing. The housing complexes in Kolkata offer an area of 3 acres with 55% open space area. An environment friendly is now a necessity more than a want. 
  • Well-equipped 3 Bhk and 4 Bhk flats in Kolkata with world-class interiors to fall for. 

This Diwali, make a wise decision by gifting your family a flat in South Kolkata that has exceeded reality. The interior and exterior amenities provided by the Salarpuria Group, a renowned real estate developer in Kolkata, reflect the face of extraordinary living, making you stand out from the rest.