Why Buying Flat in EM Bypass, Kolkata is an Ultimate Gain?

January 27, 2022

There was a time when no one associated EM Bypass with real estate and mega housing projects. But today, when you travel down there, you will come across various well-known housing complexes adorning that area. It is solely because EM Bypass has undergone significant changes in terms of infrastructure, employment, mobility, etc. Furthermore, the prices of most flats in EM Bypass are comparatively cheaper than the rest of Kolkata. Many people are slowly realising that living a bit farther off the city can bring better prospects for lifestyle. 

If you are considering investing in a better property at a better option, then do factor in EM Bypass. Here are the reasons why buying a flat out there can prove fruitful for your future.


Seamless Connectivity Near Flats in EM Bypass, Kolkata

The stretch of EM Bypass is well-connected to places like Sonarpur, Baruipur, Tangra, Garia, Dhapa, etc. Moreover, the location serves as a major route to IT and financial hubs of Salt Lake and New Town. Thus, anyone who lives in 2 or 3 BHK flats in EM Bypass can save hours on their commute to Kolkata.

EM Bypass is also gearing up to the development of the upcoming metro corridor. Once fully constructed and in use, it is said to connect to areas like Howrah, Ballygunje, Tollygunje, etc. The metro definitely adds value to the location. Adding a boost to the economy and social infrastructure of the region, it pumps in lucrative investments. Many working professionals, while looking for 2, 3 BHK apartments in Kolkata, may settle down and invest in a flat here. 

Also note that the Kolkata Metropolitan Project Authority has chalked out a tentative plan for a proposed flyover. This flyover plans to connect to New Town via Salt Lake. This only means that IT professionals will have their commute more hassle-free and streamlined.


Best of Entertainment Centred Here

Everyone wants to relocate to a place that adds momentum and excitement to their mundane, daily lives. It also helps them keep in touch with the latest happening evenings and programs across the city. Usually people would consider Park Street, Prince Anwashar Road to be entertainment hubs. Southern EM Bypass would not even cross their minds. But it is time to challenge and change that perception.

Southern EM Bypass is surrounded by a plethora of markets, cinema halls,restaurants and shopping centres. One of them is Acropolis Mall which is the ultimate destination for your personal needs and unparalleled entertainment. Other than that, the northern side of the place is connected to Science City. Science City is a fascinating recreational spot for science enthusiasts. If you have kids, then you do not have to worry about their fun at all. Because Science City offers enough wonders and surprises to keep your kids intrigued and entertained. 

Therefore, investing in flats in EM Bypass  let's you stay connected with the happening side of Kolkata.


Opportunities for Low-Budget Flats in Kolkata

While looking for a 3 BHK apartment in Kolkata, budget becomes a matter of concern and constraint. Given that the cost of living is on the higher side in Kolkata, the flats tend to be expensive. Hence, Southern EM Bypass is where you should consider purchasing your future home.

Here's why.

There are a gamut of both affordable and luxurious apartments catering to different buyer segments. But getting a high-end housing project for your family at a price as low as say 30 lakhs is a possibility here.

Take for example Suncrest Estate. It is an upcoming residential project located across Southern EM Bypass. It's 2/ 3 BHK flats start from 34 lacs. Furthermore, the complex encompasses a well-balanced, amenity-rich lifestyle suitable for familial congregations. This is a perfect package deal for really price-sensitive consumers. 

So for those who think that getting low budget flats in Kolkata is an issue, EM Bypass is ready to put  that preconceived notion behind.


The Path Ahead

The blog has successfully summed up key points as to why EM Bypass is the ultimate real estate hotspot. It's advised to  do your  research and check whether the location matches with the requirements of your aspirational lifestyle. 

Since the prices of the properties are on steady rise, it is deemed well to invest now. Because it will induce higher returns for your future. So plan well and conceive a home of your dreams at this modern and contemporary place called EM Bypass.