Why Choose Salarpuria Group's Real Estate Referral Program?

September 20, 2021

The real estate industry is largely driven by buyer sentiments and word-of-mouth recommendations. A satisfied homebuyer can help in building a strong and positive image of the real estate developer. This is why many popular housing groups are transitioning from expensive advertising campaigns to real estate referral programs as they are cost-effective and produce tangible outcomes. They are conceptualizing unique referrals in terms of loyalty programs, after-sales services, initiatives, etc. to set them apart from the rest. Since the real estate sector is cut-throat with so many of these options, choosing the right one is a challenge.

When it comes to making an informed choice on a real estate referral program, bear these five pointers in mind

  • Assess the credibility of the real estate agent/developer

  • Check if the scheme is legally registered under RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)

  • Analyze the USP of the scheme

  • Evaluate the authenticity of features, guidelines, terms, and conditions of the scheme

  • See whether the real estate agent is open to customer inquiries.

Once you factor in these five pointers, you can easily narrow down the options of an apartment referral. Luckily, for you, Salarpuria Group’s Referral program Grah Pravesh ticks off all the above criteria and offers much more to the homebuyers.

Let us delve deep into understanding Grah Pravesh better.


What is Grah Pravesh?

Salarpuria Group is regarded as the known pioneer of trust and credibility. Being the leaders in the Kolkata real estate industry for the past 40 years, they are recognized for their innovative and affordable housing projects. With so many consumers trusting them with their dream homes, the group consistently strives to offer services of value and goodwill. Giving a strong impetus on customer satisfaction and happiness, Salarpuria Group has introduced the Grah Pravesh Referral Program as a token of gratitude.

The Grah Pravesh is an apartment referral program that provides rewards from Rs 25000 to Rs 200,000 to you and your family. When you recommend Salarpuria Residences to your family, the referral program helps you to earn a reward as well as offers cashback to your friend on his new purchase. In this way, both parties reap the benefits of their investment.


How does the Grah Pravesh Referral Program work?

It can be explained with an example. For example, you referred Luxuria Heights, one of Salarpuria’s premium residences, to your friend. Your friend buys an apartment there at 1 crore. Based on this referral program, your friend gets Rs 50,000 as a reward and you get 100,000 as an existing Salarpuria buyer. 

To know how you can qualify for this scheme, you have to meet certain criteria:


  • You are a resident of Salarpuria Group

  • You have referred Salarpuria to your friends

  • Your friend buys a flat there

  • You receive a reward

  • Your friend gets cashback


Which residences follow Grah Pravesh?

Here are the top 5 residences that are covered under this program

  • Suncrest Estate

  • Luxuria Heights

  • Amarana Residences

  • The Avenue

  • Victoria Vistas

What are the terms and conditions of Grah Pravesh?

Like any other real estate referral program, Grah Pravesh, too, comes with its own set of terms and conditions

  • It is a standalone scheme, as in, it cannot be combined with your previous scheme

  • It is enforced once the apartment bookings have been executed

  • The referee should call or apply through the Refer Now option

  • The referee has not contacted Salarpuria before through any means

  • The referral amount will be exclusive of any apartment charges



The Grah Pravesh is a very beneficial residential referral program for buyers. By offering this exclusive perk to its consumers, Salarpuria Group allows them to stay close-knit with their family as one community. 

For more information, visit www.salarpuria.com

Stay safe and good luck in searching your home!