Affordable Housing Concept for Best Apartments in Kolkata

December 12, 2022

The definition of an affordable residential complex in Kolkata is different for different people depending on their demographics, economic status and spending capacity that they have. With the affordable housing project schemes, there is something for everyone like our Modi Ji promised. 

Let’s discuss the government initiatives that cater to every section of society:


A Government Initiative:

For EWS and LIG Group-

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, has announced the “Housing for all by 2022” mission. Under this, every class of society will enjoy fruitful benefits. The affordable housing concept is for the economically weaker section (EWS) and low-income group (LIG). 

So, you must be wondering who is eligible for this. So let me help you out with this. 

The eligibility for this scheme is your annual income should be under Rs. 1 Lakh for EWS and Rs. 1-2 Lakhs for LIG category. The majority of our economy consists of these two categories. Therefore, helping them economically indirectly gives a lift to the overall economy of the nation. 


For CLSS (Credit Link Subsidy Scheme) Group-

The government of India gives Rs. 1 Lakh for the slum rehabilitation program. There is also an interest subsidy of Rs. 6.5 per cent for getting a housing loan under the credit link subsidy scheme (CLSS). 


Importance of Affordable Housing Concept:

An affordable housing project is a blessing for low-income people so they can build their small nest of happiness. It makes a difference in the economy. Also, the real estate sector goes for an upgradation.  
It's really easy to calculate the affordability for the weaker section, but when it comes to the middle class, this part is challenging. The reason is that a vast number of people come under this section. 
You can easily get a flat on the outskirts of the city. But no one wants to go to the outskirts as they have to travel to distant places in terms of work, schools, colleges and even hospitals. 
Having a flat in a demanding location is a tough job that costs you a lot. When it comes to owning your own apartment at the heart of the city, the affordable housing scheme comes into play. Using affordable home loan schemes like the CLSS scheme, you are exempted upto 6.5% from the interest rate. That seems like a relief for middle-class people who want to live independently, sleeping in their own nest of happiness. 



Is Affordable Housing the Cheaper Option to go for: 

It takes a lot to build apartments in a reputed location close to all the major facilities like schools, colleges, metro stations, shopping malls and hospitals. No residential complex in Kolkata is sold at a loss. So, what’s the escape? Let’s understand this clearly.
There are techniques by which the pricing of the best apartments in Kolkata is lowered like compromising the size and amenities without compromising the quality of living. Affordable housing projects like the Salarpuria Group, top real estate builders in Kolkata, West Bengal, offer the best apartments in Kolkata, having all the classy facilities needed for luxury living. They also offer a 55% open space area where you can just be in the lap of nature, inhaling fresh air and releasing all the stress.