Buying A luxury home in Kolkata? Learn Which Floor To Choose

March 22, 2023

An Expert's View On Apartment Floors:


Ground Floor:  

Regardless of age or generation, the 1st to 3rd floors in luxury homes in Kolkata are popular with homebuyers as they are easily accessible by stairs. Residing on these floors is suitable for families with young children. Residents also don't have to wait for elevators, so they can visit the market as often as per their requirements. 

It is also a great point that pet owners do not have to walk down from the apartment to the top floor, making it easy to bring their pets along. Apartments on the ground floor are cooler than apartments on higher floors. Therefore, it can be the best floor to choose from, especially in the zones with long summer seasons. Elevator reliability is also not a setback for apartment owners. 

However, these owners may experience persistent exterior noise when near parking lots. Lack of sunlight can be another big setback. Other drawbacks include crowded doorways, traffic noises, and compromising views, especially if there is a new skyscraper in front.


Middle Floors: 

The best bargain for finding a luxury home in Kolkata is to choose the middle floors. The 4th, 5th and 6th floors offer all the benefits of the G and U-G levels as well as mesmerising views from the balconies. So you are getting both things while you opt for the middle floors. 

Sounds like a great deal and worth every single penny. No wonder builders in Kolkata affirm that demand for mid-rise apartments has skyrocketed in recent years.


Top Floors: 

Without a doubt, apartment owners appreciate the best views of the skyline and surrounding areas. You may also have access to the terrace of the building. An additional seating area is available for residents. The added privacy and independence make it a preferable choice.

However, top-floor residents have a lot of concerns about if there are technical issues with the elevator. Also, have to pay attention to fire safety measures when buying a flat in Kolkata.

 In this regard, check the building's Occupancy Certificate (OC) issued by the local authority. So if the apartment you buy has OC, you know it meets fire safety standards.


Salarpuria Group- Building Dreams, One Home at a Time

Whichever floor you end up choosing, go for a reliable real estate builder in Kolkata. One such name is Salarpuria Group. We take the pride in offering high-end residential projects in Kolkata beyond the expectation of home aspirants and serve them the perfect plate of happiness. All of our floors are equipped with the following features: 

◘ Appropriate fire-fighting and emergency exit equipment and quality fire extinguishers

◘ CCTV cameras at every nook and corner 

◘ Plenty of corridor space

Luxury villas in Kolkata are very spacious providing sufficient privacy and security for every family member, starting from the young to the older generations. Come to flats in Kolkata by the Salarpuria Group and lead a life beyond the ordinary.