Create a Pet-friendly Atmosphere in a Luxury Flat in Kolkata

December 08, 2022


A home should be secured and comfortable enough for the pets to reside in. Luxury flats in Kolkata are pet-friendly, perfect for your pet to be in a cosy environment. The flats near Science city are so cosy that your pet won’t be willing to move out. 


Create a Pet-Friendly Environment with These Amazing Tips:


Avoid Using Rugs-

Rugs add a different kind of beauty to your homes, making your homes more organised. But it may be harmful to your lovely pets. Rugs can become home to fleas for breeding purposes. So, it must be skipped, as it may lead to danger. 


Avoid Wooden Floors-

Having wooden floors is a trendy thing to go for. It is usual that the pets will run on the surface, and the wooden floor is slippery, which may cause some mishappening. 

Take extra precautions by avoiding wooden floors. 

Not to worry, your adorable pets are safe with us. Flats near Science City, Kolkata, by the Salarpuria Group, have floors made of tiles.


Security at Its Best-

Flats near EM Bypass by the Salarpuria Group, the best real estate developers in Kolkata, are equipped with all the modern security facilities that ensure the complete security of your pets. There are CCTV cameras at every nook and corner. We also offer a 55% open space area where you and your pet can have a nice walk. 

Barricaded Staircases- 

Barricades are safe not only for pets but also for adults. So, keep the pets from falling off the staircase by choosing luxury flats in Kolkata to live in, having proper barricades with grills on the staircase, as its absence may lead to serious injury. 


Net Your Windows and Balconies: 

Pets are very curious and like to play around. They may peep out of the windows or balconies. Think of the damage it could cause if your floor is on the top floor. So it is better to put a mesh on the windows or balconies.


Protection with Your Home Decor: 

A pet influence the decor of your home. The pet’s hair can get into the sofa, and it is really tough to remove the hair from the sofa. Therefore, it is recommended to use washable sofa covers, which can be cleaned, regularly.

You can also go for a separate toilet area and create a cosy sleeping couch for your adorable pets. Also, pets have a habit of scratching things. The simple solution is to buy a scratching pad for them and protect your sofa and curtains from getting damaged. 

If you have the proper information about creating a pet-friendly atmosphere, it is the best way to keep your pets stay healthy. See, it’s really easy to create a comfortable and safe environment for your lovely pet in your own apartment.

A safe atmosphere is also a clean environment for your pet!