Tips To Choose the Perfect EM Bypass flat with Your Spouse

October 12, 2022

Buying a new house can be a tricky one for newly married couples. Your wife may want a perfect home with all the interior decorations installed within it. And you may simply want a safe place and locality to live. This kind of disagreement is very common between couples, which leads to delays in booking a perfect flat.

What if you get all the things in a single plate? Yes, you heard it right! 

Let me share some of the interesting tips that will make you and your spouse in the same place where all your wants get fulfilled.


Contact a Real Estate Agent:

A real estate agent has information about real estate projects, and after listening to all your needs, he can suggest some good properties that could make you and your spouse happy. 

The agent will make sure that none of your wants is sacrificed and you start your new life enjoying all the modern facilities.


Focus on the Similarities:

Firstly, list down the facilities that both of you want. It makes the task of finalizing a new housing complex near the Garia metro easier. Sitting together and making a list of the amenities is better than battling it down. 

It is obvious that both of you want a housing complex near Garia metro that has all the following facilities:

  • A well-connected place which makes your travelling hassle-free.
  • Nearby hospitals where you can run to in emergencies.
  • World-class amenities within the flat will keep you engaged after your daily work.
  • Nearby shopping malls where your spouse can do some fun shopping during the weekends will keep her engaged.
  • Restaurants and entertainment zones are at a stone’s throw distance so that your weekends are not boring and you can make the most out of it.
  • A safe and secure environment with all the modern security facilities within the apartment. 

Compromise Is the Key:

A successful marriage requires compromises from both ends. Let me put before you a scenario- Suppose you want to live in Salt Lake, but your wife prefers to live in EM Bypass.

So, to solve it, you can compromise and choose to opt for EM Bypass flats. Enjoy classy facilities like smooth connectivity, opulent amenities, a nurture-friendly environment and many more only at EM Bypass.


Going on a Break May Help:

Suppose it's been a long time, and you and your spouse have been searching for a  new housing project in Kolkata. Then you must take a break and come back with a fresh mind and perspective on a positive note. It will help with searching for EM Bypass flats, and you will end up being in your dream flat. 


Plan Your Budget Wisely:

Divide the amount you and your spouse want to contribute. And according to that, take a home loan for the remaining amount. You can also avail of the deduction in tax benefits if you opt for a loan. Make a down payment and collect all the legal documents.


Get the Perfect Home for You and Your Family with Suncrest Estate:

Suncrest Estate by the Salarpuria Group has new housing complexes near the Garia metro. It fulfils all your needs of having a safe and secure, well-connected locality with all modern amenities perfect for 21st-century living. 

We are here to satisfy your taste in modern living that has exceeded reality.

Take the key to your dream home with your spouse and live happily ever after.