Making Sustainable Homes in Kolkata for The New Tomorrow

February 24, 2023

The industry's approach to building sustainable real estate continues to evolve with each development in technology, innovation and design, whether large or small. From building a strong plan to site selection, design to construction, and residency to maintenance, every minute detail is driven by intelligent and effective sustainability principles. 

Having a sustainable home is more of a need than a want. House building contractors in Kolkata have started to incorporate sustainable ways of living in luxury homes in Kolkata for a better future. 

There are a lot of benefits to choosing a sustainable home. Optimising operating costs, conserving water and other natural resources, optimising energy-efficient lifestyles, minimising waste generation, healthier living spaces, and the pros go on. 

Still confused? Why opt for a sustainable home? No worries! we are here to have a discussion regarding this matter. Let’s get started:


Key Features of a Sustainable Home:


Solid Waste Management- 

The process starts by sorting waste materials at the source using a multi-bin system. The idea is to separate the waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable categories. A door-to-door garbage collection system with strategically placed garbage bins in and around every block will be ensured. Thus, avoiding improper disposal of dumped garbage. Above all, the dried mud can be utilised as a garden fertiliser, and the rest can be discarded.


Rain Water Harvesting-

Rainwater harvesting with a filter system is essential to increase the volume of groundwater. The system is designed in a way to collect rainwater from the terraces of each building and channel it into tanks. 


Rooftop Insulation-

Insulating your roof is a smart way to keep indoor temperatures relatively low. Normally, the "R-value" is the criterion for judging whether insulation is good or bad. An insulated building is likely to meet the R-value by contributing naturally to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).


Storm Water Management and Mitigation-

Rainwater is collected from reservoirs, and the collected water is drained through an external pipe. Stormwater management is designed with the average rainfall within the area. 

Sustainable buildings go simultaneously with the mobilisation of responsible and intelligent lifestyles. To do that, you need a house which allows for changes paving the way for a holistic living experience. Therefore, house-building contractors are giving more importance to making sustainable homes for a safe and secure future. 


Choose Sustainable Homes. Choose Salarpuria Group: 

Salarpuria Group is one of the renowned house builders that has made luxury homes in Kolkata sustainable. Meraki by Salarpuria Group offers luxury villas in Kolkata, flooded with all the amenities such as a modern Gymnasium, Amphitheatre along with Picnic Zone, Adda Zone, Kids Play Area & Senior Citizen Area. Indoor amenities like Banquet Hall, Swimming Pool, Toddlers Room, Barbeque Area, Badminton Court, Indoor Games Room & Library cum Cards Room. A walk in the sun-kissed front garden and backyard lawn connects you with a breath of fresh air, paving the way for a healthy lifestyle. 

Come and experience a whole new aura of life filled with luxury, keeping sustainability in mind only at luxury villas in Kolkata.