Township or Standalone Flats in Kolkata – Which Is Better

November 18, 2022

Buying a flat is a future investment and all the things should be in proper order while choosing the one. Township and stand-alone flats both have their pros and cons. It is for you to decide what to choose from. 



Townships are preferred by big families as they provide a range of amenities and a green space to breathe in. You can involve yourself in different kinds of activities that is a stress relievers. Townships provide you with facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, and shopping malls within the boundary. 

However, it comes with some disadvantages of being constructed far from the city area that create a hindrance for the daily commuters. Whatever amenities you may be flooded with but choosing a place which creates a barrier in your communication is not the right choice. The monthly cost is also too high, which becomes really difficult to maintain the expenses. 


Standalone Flats-

If we shift our focus to standalone flats, you can get a suitable location that makes the journey really easy and hassle-free. Standalone affordable flats in Kolkata also come with a very low maintenance cost which is a blessing for covering your other expenses. 

So what if you get all the facilities in a single plate? Sounds interesting!

Nowadays, builders have captured the psychology of modern home buyers and made modern-day standalone flats. It caters to your every requirement. So, you must be wondering what is a modern-day standalone flat.

Stay with us! We are going to explain it. 

A modern-day standalone flat has all the classy facilities, great connectivity, vastu complaint and interiors to die for. 


Are You in Search of a Flat With Great Connectivity and 21st-Century Amenities? 


If yes, you are at the right place! The standalone affordable flats in Kolkata by the Salarpuria Group are also equipped with all the modern amenities- 


BBQ area


Indoor games room

Swimming pool

Landscaped garden

Coffee shop


Let’s Explore Other Facilities at the Flats by the Salarpuria Group:


Experience Class Apart Interiors-

Appealing interiors play a significant role in maintaining our mood after a hectic day. It relaxes us completely that is soothing to the mind and soul. Eye-catching interiors keep one focussed and increase efficiency. Having great design lifts the good qualities that a person already possesses, giving them a tangible form in space.


Unblock Positivity with Vastu Complaint Flats-

Standalone vastu-compliant flats are essential for maintaining health and prosperity. Bring physical, mental, and financial well-being to your residence with vastu-complaint flats. 


Hassle-Free Communication-

Built-in prominent locations, the best apartments in Kolkata have good connectivity to modern living amenities, including bus stations, railway stations, hospitals, theatres, shopping malls, grocery stores, etc. 

The final decision is yours. Costing and investment are important angles to choose from. 

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