Why an Apartment in Kolkata Is Better Than An Old Age Home

February 09, 2023

With the changing scenarios, our society experienced a shift in cultural values. The most significant effect of this change affected the family system. The increase in nuclear families, increased human demands, rising migration to cities, and exposure to global lifestyles paved the way for a different way of living. People are becoming more materialistic, though this change has come at a cost. As a result, India's elderly population have suffered the brunt of this change in families and societies. 

With youngsters going abroad searching for better career opportunities, it became tough for the old generation to deal with the sense of being alone and taking care of their health. 


The 'Old-Age Home' Concept is Obsolete: 

When we hear about old age homes the first thing that comes to mind is the feeling of being abolished. We think of it as a place where the needy and homeless old citizens are housed.  

The environment they are in evokes a feeling of loneliness, sadness and pettiness that can have an impact on the health of older people. Now peace is the only thing they crave after living a beautiful life. 

Your parents have struggled a lot and gave you the best in life that you deserve. Now, it's your chance to take care of them in their sunset years. They surely deserve a life of happiness. 


So, what is the escape that gives them the best-nurtured life without you? 

We have your back at this. Today’s residential apartments are equipped with all the rest of the amenities for your parents to lead a beautiful life that is as peaceful as it could be. 


Which is the best real estate developer in India?

Salarpuria Group is one of the renowned and trusted real estate developers in India that has lived up to the expectations of many home aspirants and served them the perfect abode.  


Senior Living Homes Are On The Rise:

Senior citizens are now believing in the concept of residing in top-notch apartments instead of old age homes. Luxury apartments in Kolkata are stunning living spaces well crafted to encourage communal living. In these apartments, independence and privacy can be attained at ease, which surely takes the place of old age homes. 

Compared to old age homes, villa projects in Kolkata are meant to be comfortable, healthy, and to enjoy life to the fullest.  


Luxury Apartments: Benefits of Owning One:

From increased independence and privacy to affordability and ease of maintenance, there are several factors to consider that make luxury apartments in Kolkata the right choice. So, let’s discuss some of the crucial factors to consider: 

Independence of Living: Apartments offer more independence and privacy than old-age homes. Thus, allowing parents to maintain self-esteem and live on their own terms.

Familiarity: Moving into an apartment can make parents feel more at home as they get used to a familiar environment.

Family Proximity: Living in an apartment close to family can provide support and camaraderie to older people. 

Value-Added Amenities: Apartments are a more value-added option for seniors than an expensive retirement home with fewer amenities. New Villa projects in Kolkata by the Salarpuria Group have come up with senior citizen areas, a library cum cards room, a sun-kissed front garden and a backyard lawn area. Therefore, the right place to spend the best days of your life. 

Security: The number of crimes against older people is increasing. Old-age homes may not be fully equipped to provide full security for their ageing parents, as they have minimal security measures. Even if you are miles away, you can sleep peacefully when your parents are in safe hands. Our apartments are well equipped with all the 24*7 security facilities. Therefore, the possibility of theft, robbery, or accident is low.


Choose Wisely Opt For The Best:  

Ultimately, a parent's decision to move to an apartment or old age home depends on their individual needs and circumstances. It is important to carefully weigh all options and choose the best. If your decision turns out to be moving into an apartment, consider buying villas in Kolkata by the Salarpuria Group that have all the facilities perfect for your parents to spend the golden days of their life.