A Flat Closer to Work Is a Blessing in Disguise at Kolkata.

February 16, 2023

We dedicated a lot of family time to strengthening family ties, while others gave themselves the much-needed time required to grow up their skills, hidden talents and hobbies which they could not give time to because of lack of time. Now we have to rush back to the office. 


So the Question Arises, What Now? 

Living close to the workstation definitely adds the cherry on top. Established real estate developers have come up with successful affordable housing projects in India that make your living convenient. 


Who Is the Top Real Estate Developer?

Salarpuria Group is a renowned real estate builder in Kolkata that offers dream homes in a dream location close to office spaces. Stay next door to your workspace unfolding the true luxury of living. 


Let’s Be Familiar with What Benefits Are on Your Table: 


In Both Work and Home, You Give It Your All:

Lockdowns have been an eye-opener for time wasted behind the wheel. Shifting to affordable flats in Kolkata close to your workspace means less wasted time and having all the time to spend with your family. Time is the most precious gift you can gift to your loved ones. Replacing the time wasted in traffic with being around your kids, having a nice conversation over a meal, or playing games fosters healthy family bonding. 


Saves You Time and Energy:

Time spent commuting can be very stressful. The daily morning rush to get to the office on time sap the energy for a positive start. Living nearby not only saves you time but also allows you to begin your day by having a clear and positive vision. Therefore, making you focused on your work, excel in pursuit, and have spare time to explore new hobbies.


A Shift from Tight to Flexible Working Hours:

Having a workplace close to home allows you to find the perfect balance between work and life effortlessly and frees you from tight schedules. In emergencies, you can rush back to the office and solve the issue without travelling for hours. 


Reduces Conveyance Cost:

Travelling adds an extra expense when working from an office. But if your address is close to work, the cost gets reduced. Less travel saves fuel and also the maintenance cost. For instance, we can make a  contribution to mother nature by reducing our share of CO2 emissions into the environment. 


An Eco-Friendly Approach:

The rapid increase in the number of automobiles has significantly increased emissions of harmful gases. Especially during morning and evening hours, pollution levels are ten times higher than usual. Carbon dioxide emissions can affect the respiratory system, causing inflammation, coughing, allergies and difficulty breathing. You cannot avoid pollution but definitely can reduce its effect by opting for an address close to your workstation.


A Healthy Lifestyle Awaits You:

Lead a healthier lifestyle by shifting to affordable housing projects in Kolkata close to your workspace. You can adapt to healthier options like walking or bicycling instead of using vehicles. Sitting at desks deprives us of doing physical work, hampering our health. Exercise is necessary as it lifts us mentally, making us more focused towards our work.


A Perfect Work-Life Balance-

Unwinding a stressed mind is as important as standing out at work. Come to residential apartments by Salarpuria Group, a healthy living space surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities. Amenities like a modern gym, landscaped area, yoga zone, barbeque area, and indoor games room freshen you up after a hectic working day. 

No more worrying about delays and rush hours. Move to an affordable flat in Kolkata that’s a stone’s throw away distance from your working zone.